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This year, Rolex water devil wants to buy at a public price. It’s really the end of the world. Especially in Hong Kong, the mainland and other cities, the counter can hardly be seen. It was robbed by workers very early. Moreover, this year’s Rolex price increases every year, donna, the diver becomes the hand of the supermarket! Japan is the only one in the world trying its luck. This article hopes that Japanese netizens can share the experience of choosing ghosts, which will help you.
Case 1: I went to Japan four times in three years and finally bought a water ghost. I ran in department stores in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Kyoto. It’s hard to buy a water ghost at the current price! Only luck! The price of a Rolex counter in Japan is the most appropriate. The husband who runs through so many department stores has not given up. How much he likes it? Another reason is that the price increase in sales of those electrical stores doesn’t have enough money to buy green water ghosts. Finally, when I went to Japan for the fourth time, I saw the Blackwater ghost in Takashima, Kyoto. There is only one calendar, the price is 766800 yen. My husband hesitates whether there is a 30-minute lens or no lens. There is no principle of this shop in this village, so he finally bought the Blackwater ghost in his heart. After all, it’s worth the price! The insurance card is sent to China directly from the Rolex headquarters. The purpose of buying a watch is to remind yourself that there is no insurance card and to prevent resale in Japan
Case in 2015, when the helicopter began to rise after purchase, seven stores went to Japan, and finally contacted me at this store! As soon as I opened the door in the morning, I saw the green ghost! What? It’s 10 seconds late and it’s gone. Let the clerk see it. At this time, another guest came. He looked at me nervously. As a result, I didn’t let go, and when he opened his eyes.
Case 3: I went shopping in Fukuoka on the last day and passed through Rolex’s counter in the Sanyue department store. I still want to have a look at the production. It’s amazing to have a closer look. Green ghosts not only did not expect, but other styles are also very complete! Originally want more niggers, more, the attitude of the clerk is very good, English is not good, communication is difficult. The public price is 874800 yen, and 64800 can be refunded without a discount. The tax refund service fee is collected, and the added price is less than 820000. At that time, the exchange rate is more than 51000 points. You can get a 95% discount card from Isetan from the next consumption. Because I haven’t compared other prices, so I know it’s much cheaper than the domestic counter. I think it might be fate, so I decided to buy it. However, due to the barrier of language communication, I am confused. It is said that the clerk of this watch said that he would give me a temporary card at first, and the official card would be sent to me, and it would arrive in about a month or two.
Case 4: I was not interested in clocks and watches in the past. Before the appearance of the water ghost, influenced by many movies and plays, I began to understand. Maybe I started to study. But because the price was not very acceptable, I couldn’t get it all the time. The price also increased. My wife entered the eyes and kept it in mind Last October, I went to Jiaxing on business. The wife said she and her colleagues went to work in Japan. According to her colleagues, Rolex, who bought a watch and turned it to Tokyo, was very touching. He had just gone to Sanyue’s office. On the day when he arrived at the green ghost, the green ghost was out of stock all over the world. The wife got nothing. Because I worked in secret, I knew it until my birthday. You used to be the best wife in the world. I used to be very happy.
In a word, the Rolex water devil is more and more difficult to buy. The only way to buy it is to try your luck. Some people have a heart. Japan can be bought through all strategies. Of course, it’s not a one-off solution. But it’s 2019, and it’s expected to be harder to buy in the future. If you are lucky in Japan, please go to a faraway county. The price of Ginza, a place full of Chinese people, basically has to rise. Finally, the greedy customers can’t buy the perfect restorative plum to quench their thirst.